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San Francisco Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic Violence lawyers in San Francisco, CA

If you’ve been accused of domestic violence in San Francisco, California, a criminal defense attorney can help. At Summit Defense, our goal is always the complete dismissal of all domestic violence charges. If this isn’t possible, we often negotiate solutions for our clients that allow them to avoid jail and sometimes even prosecution.

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How can you defend against domestic violence charges in San Francisco?

Contact us. We are San Francisco’s premiere team of domestic violence attorneys and rely on each other’s expertise and prior knowledge to get you the best results. Fighting domestic violence charges in San Francisco County or the state of California requires not only tenacity, resolve, and an intimate relationship with the District Attorneys and court staff, it often requires expertise that no single attorney will ever possess.

Our San Francisco domestic violence attorneys often appear on local news coverage relating to San Francisco County criminal news and have, for the most part, been born and raised in the bay area.

At Summit Defense, we have a multilingual staff that speaks Spanish, Hebrew, Farsi, Hindi. We also offer immigration-safe plea negotiations along with aggressive, specialized domestic violence defense.

Our San Francisco Office

Summit Defense domestic violence attorneys are available to meet with you at our San Francisco office, which is conveniently located in San Francisco County.

If you are unable to travel to our San Francisco office, you may request an in-home consultation. A Summit Defense domestic violence attorney will be available to meet you at your home or another convenient location in the San Francisco area. We will make every effort to accommodate your schedule and get you the representation you need.


San Francisco OFFICE

580 California Street
12th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94104
Phone: (415) 666-2316Driving directions

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Hall of Justice Building
850 Bryant Street, San Francisco
General: Most San Francisco criminal matters are heard in this court including traffic court.

(415) 551-4000

Civic Center Courthouse
400 McAllister St.
Civil, family law, probate and some criminal cases.

(415) 551-4000

Community Justice Center
575 Polk Street, San Francisco

(415) 551-4000

To find out which court you are in, please see the Daily Calendar posted at Room 101 at the Hall of Justice Building, or you can contact the clerk’s office on (415) 551-0322. However, if you have retained an attorney, they will find out which court your case is in and let you know where you need to go – and if you need to attend court at all.

From the Blog

JAILS IN San Francisco

There are several county jails in San Francisco, as well as one located in San Bruno (although still within the jurisdiction of San Francisco county). They are run by the Sheriff’s Department.

County Jail #1 at 425 7th Street

All prisoners are initially booked in through this jail in San Francisco, but moved to on of the other facilities after booking is complete.

County Jail #2 on 7th Street

This facility houses both men and women inmates, but is the only jail in San Francisco that houses women.

County Jail #4 at Bryant Street

This jail is the maximum security facility for San Francisco County.

County Jail #5 on Moreland Drive, San Bruno

This large facility is actually located in San Mateo County, but falls under the jurisdiction of San Francisco County and City.

If a prisoner requires medical attention or mental health treatment, they are housed in a locked ward at San Francisco General Hospital on Potrero Avenue.


The Sheriff’s Department requires all visitors to schedule visits to inmate online, except for those who wish to visit people being held in San Francisco General Hospital.

Visits can be scheduled via the Sheriff’s Department website, here. Visits are available on weekends and holidays, and at the San Bruno jail on Thursday evenings, although attorneys can visit their clients outside of those times. There are strict rules that apply to jail visits, such as time limits and dress requirements. You should make sure that you review the rules carefully beforehand; otherwise you may not be allowed to visit.

San Francisco Bail Information

Unlike surrounding counties, Domestic Violence arrests in San Francisco lead to excessive bail upon booking. That is, the San Francisco police department will routinely book defendants on several charges causing the initial bail set by county schedule to be extremely high.

For example, all penal code 273.5 arrests in San Francisco will lead to felony bail being set at $50,000. San Francisco police department officers will, however, routinely book individuals on additional charges such as assault with deadly weapon (penal code 245) or Criminal Threats (penal code 422). Once booked for these additional charges, the jail will calculate bail according to schedule and increase the amount needed to secure release pending a court date. It is not uncommon for Domestic Violence incidence in San Francisco to lead to bail amounts higher than $100,000.

Given that the District Attorney is likely to file misdemeanor charges in most first time Domestic Violence arrests, it is likely that upon appearing in court, the individual will be released on his or Own Recognizance.

Generally speaking, an individual arrested for Domestic Violence in San Francisco and released on bail prior to District Attorney charging decision will be given a court date a week after release. Once released, the officer will provide the San Francisco District Attorney’s office with a police report describing the events that led to the arrest as well as any injuries, statements and other evidence and the District Attorney will decide whether to charge the case as a Felony or Misdemeanor.

Domestic Violence arrests in San Francisco that not involve ANY injuries (Penal code 243) will lead to San Francisco County bail to be set at $20,000. Individuals arrested for violation of penal code 243(e)(1) will almost always be released by the court if the matter is charged.

Those remaining in Custody will be released 3 business days after arrest should the District Attorney not make a filing decision at that point. It is important to remember that the District Attorney will have either 1 year (in cases involving misdemeanor Penal Code 243(e)(1) arrest and 3 years in cases involving felony arrest to make a filing decision.

federal court locations

Phillip Burton Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse
450 Golden Gate Ave, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA

+1 415-522-2000

United States District Court
1301 Clay St #400S, Oakland, CA 94612, USA

+1 510-637-3530

San Francisco Federal Building
The San Francisco Federal Building is an 18-story, 71.3 m …

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