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After Arraignment


Summit Defense Case Evaluation

After your arraignment, your attorneys will begin the process of evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the case against you. Often we will try to exclude evidence that may have been illegally obtained. Depending on the case we may bring in private investigators and other experts to provide helpful information.  The first thing you attorney will do, is obtain all relevant discovery in your case.  This includes any and all police report associated with your arrest, video and audio recordings available to the District Attorney and any information that may help prove your innocence.

Dismissal of your case

Our goal is always the complete dismissal of all charges. This is not always possible, but our thorough approach achieves the best possible outcome. Many times we will prepare a case for trial knowing that a negotiated settlement is more likely. This ‘belt and suspenders’ approach puts us in a stronger negotiating position and we always understand the case better than the opposing counsel.

When a complete dismissal is not possible, we can be very creative in resolving your case in a way that minimizes negative consequences. For example, Summit Defense attorneys are well known for crafting options such as:

  • civil compromises
  • jail alternatives, like counseling or public service
  • first offender programs
  • diversion programs

These and other strategies can be used to protect our client’s freedom and reputation.


Plea Bargain

If we cannot get your case dropped altogether, it will resolve in one of two ways. Either we will agree to a negotiated resolution – a plea bargain – or it will go to trial.

Summit Defense attorneys are seasoned trial lawyers and sometimes our reputation and willingness to try cases results in very favorable plea bargains. A favorable plea bargain might include a program that keeps a client’s record clean, like some first offender programs. It could include alternatives to jail, such as home monitoring, community service, therapy and counseling programs.



If your case goes to trial, Summit Defense clients have the benefit of a team of litigators working together with access to the best experts, investigators, and research tools available. We are proud to say that we recently won one of the most difficult trials possible – a double murder trial.



Of course, sentencing is only of concern if you are actually convicted of an offense, and we always do everything possible to avoid a conviction in your case.

Apart from the nature of the offense itself and any criminal history, in all cases the judge will consider the specific circumstances of each case before passing sentence. Some of the things that the judge will consider are known as aggravating and mitigating circumstances – these are factors that might either increase (aggravate) or decrease (mitigate) the eventual sentence. Summit Defense Attorneys know how to put together a positive case on sentencing that brings together as many mitigating circumstances as possible, and reduces the negative effect of any aggravating circumstances.

The outcome of your case will depend on many factors, some of which you now have no control over. However, one of the biggest factors that will influence the outcome of your case is the law firm that you choose.


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