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Bay Area Marijuana Criminal Defense Lawyers

ACCUSED OF Marijuana Sales in Northern California?

Whether you’ve been charged with possession for sale or cultivation of marijuana, our legal team will fight for a dismissal.

  • Fight Illegal Search and Seizure
  • Return Your Illegally Seized Assets
  • Summit Defense Attorneys support NORML: National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
  • Team Includes 3 Former DAs and Harvard lawyer standing up to the government for over 35 years


Whether you have been accused of marijuana sales, marijuana possession for sale or marijuana cultivation, Summit Defense Attorneys will fight your charges in court and recover your seized property.

Regardless of your circumstances, our goal as defense attorneys is always the complete dismissal of your criminal charges. Our attorneys work as a team which gives you the experience and expertise of a group that includes attorneys educated at top law schools including Harvard, three former prosecutors, a former police officer, and should you need it – an immigration attorney who’s practice focuses on advising our non-citizen clients who face immigration consequences in drug cases.

Our attorneys know first hand the strategies used by law enforcement and use this insider knowledge to defend you.

If this is your first time facing marijuana charges, you may not realize the importance of discussing your options prior to your arraignment.  We strongly suggest that you take advantage of our no-obligation free initial consultation so that you can learn about your options and make an informed decision prior to pleading.

Call us night or day today for a free and confidential case review to discuss your options.

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