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I haven’t been arrested, but may be in trouble. Should I contact a lawyer now?

If someone has accused you of a crime, but charges have not yet been filed, then your case is considered to be a pre-file. If this is your situation, now is the best time to consult an experienced defense firm. A smart criminal defense lawyer will take steps to protect you and influence the process in every way possible to prevent criminal charges.

A pre-file situation can be compared to the beginning of a fire.  Your lawyer is a fireman and if called early enough may be able to smother the flames before the blaze gets out of control.

At Summit Defense we are particularly sensitive to the opportunities and risks at the pre-file stage—the wrong attorney may inadvertently fan the flames. WE WON’T. Our attorneys include a former police officer and prosecutor. We know how the other side works at every stage of a case.

Please do not put your head in the sand and hope for the best!  If you are vulnerable to a criminal accusation, let us review your situation confidentially and advise what if anything should be done to protect your freedom.

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