Free Case Review

What is involved in the initial case review?

A Summit Defense Criminal lawyer will meet with you or schedule a phone consultation to discuss your case in detail. Each client and criminal accusation is unique, so your attorney will ask many questions to best advise you about your best defense strategy.

Our goal is always to work to have your charges completely dismissed.

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Where will it take place?

For your convenience, we have 6 offices located throughout the Bay Area:   We offer after-hours and weekend appointments.  If our locations are not convenient for you, one of our attorneys may be able to meet you at your home or other convenient location.

What should I ask my Summit Defense Attorney?

  • How serious is my charge?
  • How strong is the case against me?
  • What will Summit Defense’s strategy be?
  • If I’m found guilty, what will be the likely outcome?
  • How long will this case take to resolve?
  • Will I lose my job?
  • Are there any immigration status problems?
  • How much will this cost?


Should I bring anything with me?

Please bring any records related to your case. If you feel that you’d be more comfortable with a family member present, ask us first. All meetings are completely confidential.  That is, the fact that you contacted us and anything you say during our meeting is strictly confidential.


Is there any financial obligation?

No, the case review is completely free of charge. It gives us both an opportunity to meet each other and decide whether we’d like to work together.

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