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Defending All Federal Crimes 

If you have been accused of a federal crime…whether drug trafficking, securities fraud, mail fraud, mortgage fraud, bank fraud, money laundering, or conspiracy to commit those crimes…you need an attorney that handles Federal Crimes.

When are Crimes in the Federal System?

Cases are considered to be federal crimes under two main categories:

  • The crime breaks U.S. Federal Law
  • The crime is committed on federally owned property which may include government buildings, national parks, courts, and airports.

Although there are similarities between state and federal court systems, there are important distinctions between them. For example, state prosecutors prosecute state crimes, while leading lawyers from the U.S. Attorney’s office prosecute federal crimes. Unlike cases involving state crimes, cases involving federal crimes often involve federal agents and require extensive investigations.  Federal cases are considered to be “the big leagues” and are only handled by a small subset of criminal defense attorneys.

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