Collateral Consequences Of a Criminal Conviction

What Are the Collateral Consequences After a Criminal Conviction?


Collateral consequences refer to effects of conviction that are not listed in the judgement of the court but are, nevertheless automatically authorized by an administrative body or agency on a case by case basis.  For example, while a conviction will list a term of imprisonment or probation, the court will not specifically state that a defendant’s housing rights, licensing opportunities, or job prospect, are greatly influenced by the conviction.


As such, certain conviction will affect:

  • employment and business opportunities,
  • exclusion from certain “regulated” business
  • licensing,
  • government benefits and program participation,
  • student loans,
  • housing,
  • Ineligibility for government contracts
  • Child custody, fostering and adoption


These hidden consequences of a guilty plea or finding can be a “civil death” for certain individuals.  Make sure you attorney knows about the collateral consequences of a conviction and makes every effort to mitigate these for YOU.


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