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San Francisco Neighborhoods Continue to be Plagued with Poisonous Meatballs (CA Penal Code 596)

Meatballs suspected of being laced with strychnine, or some other similar poison, were first found in San Francisco neighborhoods some months ago when a dachshund was killed.  Now dozens of these small dangerous spheres have been found around the Twin Peaks, Outer Richmond areas and recently La Playa Street.

  No suspects have been identified in this particular case, but California law is quite strict when it comes to the purposeful poisoning of other people’s pets.  This particular bandit seems to be keen to kill off innocent animals as the meatballs have been placed in areas that human beings may not immediately take notice of, in bushes, behind stairwells, and other similar spots.  Besides animals cruelty, it is also illegal and a felony to place poisoned items in the path of animals as well (CA Penal Code 596).

Though such a charge is technically a wobbler (it is up to the prosecution to determine whether they will consider it a felony or a misdemeanor, depending on the severity of the crime). In this case, the suspect could be charged with a felony as one pet was made seriously ill by one of the meatballs and another passed away.  Penalties for violations of this law include a $20,000 fine and 1 year in state prison.


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