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Girl Scout Robbed of Cash Box in San Jose (CA Penal Code 211)

Yes, it’s that time of year again, time for members of the Girl Scouts of America to ply their wares in offices, homes, and outside of big box stores.  One alleged thief, however, thought that the Girl Scout cookie cash box was sweeter than the boxes of cookies he found it next to.  A 23-year-old man was arrested at a Safeway in San Jose (Branham Lane) for grabbing a GSA cash box, literally from the arms of a crying Girl Scout.  Dutifully, the girl called 911 and her mother jotted down the license plate number of a Ford Bronco the suspect was driving.  The cash box was eventually recovered in close-by creek, where the thief had allegedly dumped it.

Due to the nature of the robbery, the suspect in this case will likely be charged with second-degree robbery (CA Penal Code 211) as the man and the Girl Scout ‘struggled’ with one another for possession of the box of money.  According to California law, robbery (which is always considered a felony), is the theft of property or values from a person who is in the immediate presence of another.  For comparison, ‘burglary’ is defined as theft that does not take place in the immediate presence of the person being robbed.

What will the penalty be if the young man is convicted of robbing the Girl Scouts?  He will likely face anywhere from 2-5 years in state prison.  However, there is a happy ending to this story.  Local law enforcement officials found the members of the affected troop of Girl Scouts so distraught that they bought the rest of the cookies they had for sale that day (a value of $240) and made an additional $600 donation to the troop.  It is certain that the girls left with smiles on their faces.

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