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Arrested for Domestic Violence in the Bay Area? One of the most common questions Domestic Violence arrests provoke is what is the role of the complaining witness in deciding to or influencing charging and prosecution. DOES VICTIM HAVE TO TESTIFY? It is well known that a victim of domestic violence does not choose whether charges are brought against his or her significant other. The questions of whether a domestic violence victim have to testify in a domestic violence trial depends on several factors. You can be sure that the District Attorney will subpoena the victim to appear on the day of trial. WHAT HAPPENS IF...

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Danger of False Allegations in California (CA Penal Code §182(2))

Even though a guilty verdict has been returned in the killing of Travis Alexander (formerly of Riverside, CA), many of us wonder about Jodi Arias’s (formerly of Salinas, CA) claims of self-defense against Alexander.  Arias still maintains, for example, that Alexander was abusive toward her, causing, in the end, his own death at her hand – by multiple stab wounds, a gunshot to the head, and a slit throat.  So convincing was the defendant, however, that while awaiting verdict, Arias sold t-shirts online that read, “Survivor” in order to raise money for domestic violence awareness. CA Penal Code §273.5 (Corporeal Injury to...

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