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Mendocino: Pot Farms Raided by Unknown Groups (CA Health and Safety Code 11357-11362)

Something strange has been happening to pot growers in Mendocino County.  Local law enforcement officials chalk it up to late-season paranoia, but residents think differently.  It seems that some group of people in helicopters have been conducting raids on pot gardens, unbeknownst to the police.  Sheriff Allman was called out to Layton last month to meet with about 100 citizens who complained about the circumstances.  The local paper, the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, reported that there was one incident in which several men descended from a helicopter and destroyed over 4-dozen plants.  One of the men was said to have had police markings on the clothes he wore.  Officials say that no illegal or suspicious raids have occurred, but that local property owners can legally hire others to destroy plants they see fit to.

In Mendocino County, it is legal to grow 25 plants per parcel of land in an outdoor garden and 100 plants per 100 square feet inside (See Ordinance No. 4326. Adopted in February of this year).  The concern seems to be the possible intervention from the federal government, which still considers possession, growth, or distribution of any amount of marijuana to be illegal. (CA Health and Safety Code 11357-11362) There is no proof that the men in helicopters or other strangers who have conducted these raids have anything to do with local or federal law enforcement, but it has made Mendocino County pot growers, legal or otherwise, quite nervous and left wondering what, if anything, there is to be done about these reports.


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