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Thank you for all your help!!
My attorney was Collin Moore, helped me out on a drug charge in April/2016 and on July/22/2016 was my last day of court! I never stepped foot in jail my Attorney made sure of it. I couldn’t have done it with out you! Will most definitely be contacting you again with my husbands case i know i can count on you once again THANK YOU!
Noemi Gill

Summit Defense did an awesome job representing me. 5 stars is an understatement for this firm!

I was very pleased with my whole experience with them. They were professional, to the point, and seemed to genuinely care about my well being. Their experience with criminal law and the court systems in the Bay Area showed in the work they did. And when I say work I mean they put in relentless WORK for me. They fought diligently for me and guided me in making choices that were in my best interest. My main goal was to get the best possible outcome in the situation I had gotten into and so was theirs.

I don’t know where I’d be or how bad things could have turned out had I not hired Summit Defense. I am very grateful for Rabin and his team.
Nina Lira

This law firm is effective and compassionate. The attorneys who work for Summit Defense are professional and go the extra mile for their clients. I would recommend them without question to anyone who needs legal help.
Diana K

Steve davidson and Rick Weese helped me out of a real jam that may have had serious consequences if not for their skills, patience and compassion. They managed to resolve the whole case without me (I am out of state) and encouraged me to stay patient as they continued to fight my case for over a year. At the end, I am so glad I listened to their advice. Highly recommended!! Great team of criminal attorneys.
Chris R

We’ve known and used Summit Defense and Jim Riley for over 10 years. Jim is always the most knowledgeable attorney in the room and after winning a federal fraud case, we heard the judge pretty much confirm that.
This firm knows the law and is dedicated to their clients. We could always reach one of the several attorneys handling our case and were kept informed at every turn. I can say that my life and several friend’s truly have been different if not for Mr. Riley, Rabin Nabizadeh, Tennille Duffy ec. The office staff was informative and was amazing also. Thank you for the professional and caring ways in which you helped us get through many challenges. We appreciate everything you do for us.
Jaime M Oakland

I heard about Summit Legal from a friend, as I don’t trust those ads or mailings for such important life decisions. I couldn’t be happier with how my experience with Summit Legal turned out. They were in constant contact, returning calls incredibly quickly, and took the time to explain complex matters (and all my options) in a straight-forward and understandable way. Also, their relationships with people in the D.A.’s office seems to help lawyers at the firm get better plea bargains than other firms. If you find yourself in any kind of legal trouble, DEFINITELY go with Summit Legal, don’t risk going with another firm and getting into one of those horror stories on top of your preexisting legal troubles. Anyways, great firm, couldn’t be happier, and would highly, highly recommend them to all my friends and family.

Evan R Oakland

This is the best legal team ever! Ryan McHugh is an amazing attorney and worked wonders for my friend’s whole family. Collin and Steve worked on their case and were always available, compassionate and professional.

If I could give them six stars I would and would recommend this defense team to anyone. They are first rate.

Barb P San Francisco

I found myself in some trouble about a year and a half ago. I needed legal representation and wanted to find someone that was experienced with criminal defense. I asked around and got a few referrals. I got a bad vibe from the first 2 law firms I met with so I moved on. Summit Defense was 3rd on my list.

I was able to speak and meet with Rick Weese right away. He won over my confidence so I went with my gut and hired him. Never once did he make me feel like I made a bad move. This guy knows his stuff. He’s there when you need whether by phone, text, email, or in person. I never got the feeling like he left me hanging.

I’m hoping that in the future I won’t be in need of a criminal attorney, but if that day should happen to come I know exactly who to call!

Ray A Palo Alto

Steve Davidson took care of my case, he was extremely professional, responsive and determined to help. His experience helped me understand the legal process as well as gain confidence over time I had to walk into that court room. My case was dismissed thanks to his negotiations.

I highly recommend Summit Defense to anyone in need of a criminal defense lawyer.

Katia N San jose

The lawyers at this firm are committed to their clients and getting results. I hired them for my sister’s defense and they were able to get her out of jail within a month when others had failed for over a year!
They also didn’t have any hidden fees or charges and everything was clearly explained!
Our attorney Rabin N and Ryan M were exceptional!! I truly can’t say enough!
JB stockton