The Underlying Science of California Drunk Driving

  • How alcohol is absorbed and eliminated
  • Factors affecting absorption
  • Estimating peak alcohol concentration
  • Increased tolerance in heavy drinkers
  • The important variables


In California, drunk driving charges can have a serious impact on your life and the lives of those around you. This is why it is important to hire a legal team that understands the science behind alcohol consumption and impairment, like the professionals at Summit Defense. Alcohol is depressant, so it slows down the body and brain’s reaction times, as well as reduces coordination, thus impeding the ability to drive safely.


Drinking alcohol results in a specific set of reactions within the body that creates a period of rapid intoxication, followed by gradual detoxification. The point at which all the alcohol consumed has been absorbed into the blood stream is called the peak level and is the worst time to be pulled to the side of the rode in California. Drunk driving charges require an officer to lead a driver through a field sobriety test, and if you are at your peak abruption level, you are more likely to fail.


There are number of factors that affect the way the body absorbs and reacts to alcohol, this includes things like age, gender, and tolerance. All of these factors are considered by your defense team to determine how best to present your defense. One possible defense is to argue that you were in the absorption phase of alcohol consumption when you were pulled over, therefore even if the tests deemed you drunk, you may not have been driving drunk before you were pulled over. While in California, drunk driving charges can be fought by the legal team at Summit Defense, who are all well versed in the science behind alcohol consumption and the nature of tolerance.


If you have a high tolerance for alcohol, it is important to remember that while you may not feel drunk, you may, in fact, be over the legal limit for driving a car. Tolerance comes in different forms, including behavioral tolerance, which is the ability to seem sober because of repeated practice in different tasks while being drunk. Make sure that you are not a victim of your own alcohol tolerance on the road. When you are facing DUI charges, make sure you remember the professionals at Summit Defense and call us for your consultation.


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