Jury Selection California



At the beginning of a trial, one of the most important considerations to make involves jury selection. California trials are no different in this regard.  If your lawyer is from Summit Defense, he or she will be adept at making excellent choices. When choosing jurors, it is important to watch for certain attributes or opinions that may be detrimental to your defense. If a potential juror has a criminal history or a certain profession, they may be more likely to be set against a defense team.


One of the most general rules for selecting a juror involves avoiding so called, “uniforms.” These are people who have experience working in law enforcement or emergency services , and they should be avoided during any jury selection. California has a dense population in some areas. Therefore, people with these occupations may be more prevalent in some courtroom settings.


Another important juror to avoid is the individual with a prior conviction on a similar charge. They will have strong sentiments against DUI situations. These people are likely to enter deliberations with a mind set against the defense team. Attorneys from Summit Defense know the proper questions to pose to these unwanted jurors. In this way, they can build a more sympathetic jury.


A lawyer’s job truly begins once the trial starts. Having already made the right choices, the attorney should be able to take advantage of the results of the jury selection. California is home to a number of creative people, and your lawyer should be no less imaginative when it comes to persuading the jury. By using analogies and metaphors, attorneys can equate the actions of both the defendant and the arresting officer with relatable examples. For instance, referring to the actions of a tightrope walker can work to persuade a jury that the use of outstretched arms during a sobriety walk is acceptable. These mental linkages add up, and they can convince each juror of the relative innocence of the defendant’s actions. This can also insinuate something about the carelessness of the officers.


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