Bay Area Expungement


Here’s How Summit Defense Attorneys Can Help You: 

  • Discover exactly what’s on your criminal record – and see what an employer might see
  • Legally be able to answer NO when asked if you’ve been convicted of a crime
  • Reduce a felony to a misdemeanor –
    then dismiss it
  • Seal juvenile records
  • Expunge misdemeanors so they are considered to be dismissed
  • Wipe arrest records
  • Apply for a Certificate of Rehabilitation
  • Immigration status review 

Are you concerned that a past mistake might cause problems with job applications, obtaining a license, or becoming a U.S. Citizen?

 Don’t let an old mistake get in your way.  If you have ever been arrested, convicted of a crime, or been found delinquent in juvenile court, you need take advantage of California law that lets you clean your record.

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