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Sex Crime Attorneys Believe Pocket Parks are Overly Restrictive

There is no doubt that California’s sex offender registry requirement (CA Penal Code, §290.46) has always been a hotly debated topic, but in Los Angeles, citizens seem to have taken matters into their own hands.  In the Harbor Gateway area, plans are in the works to build one of the state’s smallest parks – a "pocket park" of 1,000 square feet – specifically in order to keep registered sex offenders from living in proximity to the region.  Many individuals on California’s sex offender registry have been forced into homelessness – a situation in which it may be impossible for them...

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California Penal Code 288 and 261 Convictions in Oakland Exonerated

Unfortunately, the story of Johnny Williams is not uncommon.  In 1998, a 9-year-old girl was raped while on her way to school close to MacArthur Boulevard and 82nd Street.  She told her mother that the man had called himself “Johnny.”  Thinking of the only man with that name that lived in the neighborhood, the girl’s mother led police to Williams and the child identified him at trial.  Yet, Williams maintained his innocence, even after spending the last 14 years in the San Diego state prison for the crime and he finally solicited the help of The Innocence Project out of...

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