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Los Angeles County Contests Relocation Release of Repeat San Francisco Sex Offender

62-year-old Christopher Evans Hubbert, a serial rapist, has recently been released from the custody of the state prison hospital at Atascadero.  He had been in prison for a period of 7 years, after which he was paroled.  Hubbert then moved to the Sunnyvale area where he got up to his old tricks again.  He averaged over 2 victims per month in 1981, for a total of 23 women attacked.  Hubbert was convicted of forcible oral copulation (CA Penal Code §288(a)), rape (CA Penal Code §261), false imprisonment (CA Penal Code §236), and sodomy (CA Penal Code §286), in three different counties at...

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Criminal Charges vs Mental Health: Naked Acrobat Display at San Francisco Bart Station

When 24-year-old Yeiner Garizabaldo (known as Yeiner Perez to his friends) is the name of the naked acrobat who has been charged on at least two felony counts of false imprisonment (CA Penal Code §236), a misdemeanor count of sexual battery (CA Penal Code §243.4) , and four misdemeanor counts of battery on public transportation property (CA Penal Code §240-248).  What could a young, professional acrobat have done to face such allegations?  Most of us have heard the story – Perez was in the middle of rehearsal for a show at the Stage Werx Theatre when his friends noticed that...

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Attempted Carjacking in Greenbrae (CA Penal Code §215(a))

As Tina Humphrey (52), a contractor from Mill Valley, went about running errands in the Bon Air Shopping Center, it’s a good guess that becoming the victim of a carjacking was the last thing on her mind.  But, when Jeffrey Boyce, a Coos County man, came up to her as she was getting into her pickup truck, all of that changed in a split second.  It seems that Boyce was attempting to steal a car in order to reach the Russian Consulate in San Francisco as he bent Humphrey’s ear about a number of conspiracy theories he wholeheartedly believed.  Humphrey...

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