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Los Angeles County Contests Relocation Release of Repeat San Francisco Sex Offender

62-year-old Christopher Evans Hubbert, a serial rapist, has recently been released from the custody of the state prison hospital at Atascadero.  He had been in prison for a period of 7 years, after which he was paroled.  Hubbert then moved to the Sunnyvale area where he got up to his old tricks again.  He averaged over 2 victims per month in 1981, for a total of 23 women attacked.  Hubbert was convicted of forcible oral copulation (CA Penal Code §288(a)), rape (CA Penal Code §261), false imprisonment (CA Penal Code §236), and sodomy (CA Penal Code §286), in three different counties at...

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Richmond High School Gang Rape Draws Attention (CA Penal Code §261)

It sounds like the beginning of a 1970s horror flick based on a Stephen King novel. A 16-year-old girl leaves the safety of the crowd at an innocent Homecoming dance and ends up incoherently drunk and crumpled under a picnic table, dress askew and a trail of grisly pieces of evidence – a high-heeled shoe, a used condom, and a pair of underwear ripped to shreds.  What happened to the unnamed victim may never be known.  She was approached by a classmate after the dance who asked her if she wanted to “party” with some of his friends. What she...

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