X-Men Movie Director Bryan Singer Accused of Child Molestation (CA Penal Code 288)

Bryan Singer, famed director of “The Usual Suspects” and the entire “X-Men” franchise, has been accused by a man named Michael Egan III of several different and serious charges of sexual abuse (CA Penal Code 288) in the late 1990s.  Egan claims that Singer and other members of the “X-Men” movie crew intentionally drugged him, threatened him, and sexually abused him for several years, all the while promising him fame and fortune.  Egan was 15 years old at the time of the alleged abuse and he says that his mother alerted the FBI to the problem decades ago and they refused to believe him.  Spokespersons for the FBI argue that they were not aware of the problem.  Singer’s camp has roundly denied that any such abuse happened and many people wonder if Egan’s desire for a $75,000 paycheck for each of the 4 sets of allegations is ludicrous or warranted.

Whether or not Egan’s accusations are true, California law is quite clear on such matters.  Egan has alleged that Singer and his compadres are guilty of assault (CA Penal Code 240), battery (CA Penal Code 242), intentional infliction of emotional distress (CA Civil Code 1708-1725), and invasion of privacy (CA Civil Code 1708.8).  It is unclear how Singer and his representatives will handle the matter, but it seems that they desire to keep it out of the courts while still maintaining that Singer participated in no such acts.


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