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Bar in San Jose Loses Liquor License (CA Business and Professions Code 25601)

Anyone working in a bar or restaurant that serves alcohol should understand the rules and regulations set forth by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.  Bars and restaurants, like Bboss Bar and Restaurant in San Jose, may either shut down or have their liquor license revoked when they violate the law.  Not only do law enforcement officials claim that staff members at Bboss were selling alcohol during prohibited time periods, but also that they were engaging in lewd acts with the clientele (CA Penal Code 647) .  Now, the bar must not only pay a penalty, but must also re-locate and transfer his or her liquor license to someone else.

While there are many different ways in which an establishment could lose their liquor license (including sale of alcohol to minors, sale of alcohol to an ‘obviously intoxicated person,’ allowing employees to drink on the job, an intoxicated employee allowed to continue working, and others), (“Disorderly House, Prostitution, Lewd Conduct”)  California Business and Professions Code 25601 allows for suspension of and/or revocation of an establishment’s liquor license.  If state agents can prove that any of the above activities relating to CA BPC 25601 have gone on, then they may suspend a liquor license for a period of 30 days, revoke it entirely, or suspend it for 30 days until it is revoked.  In the case of Bboss, state law enforcement officials went undercover and the revocation of the bar and restaurant’s license was the result of their investigation.


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