Los Angeles County Contests Relocation Release of Repeat San Francisco Sex Offender

62-year-old Christopher Evans Hubbert, a serial rapist, has recently been released from the custody of the state prison hospital at Atascadero.  He had been in prison for a period of 7 years, after which he was paroled.  Hubbert then moved to the Sunnyvale area where he got up to his old tricks again.  He averaged over 2 victims per month in 1981, for a total of 23 women attacked.  Hubbert was convicted of forcible oral copulation (CA Penal Code §288(a)), rape (CA Penal Code §261), false imprisonment (CA Penal Code §236), and sodomy (CA Penal Code §286), in three different counties at the time: San Francisco, Sunnyvale, and Santa Clara.

Representatives of the Santa Clara District Attorney’s office have made statements to the effect that Hubbert has been rehabilitated, is required to wear a GPS ankle bracelet at all times, and will be under the supervision of a group called Liberty Healthcare Cooperation.  Hubbert will also have to follow a curfew and make himself available at all times for drug testing, polygraphs, and random search and seizure procedures.  Still, this is not enough for citizens of Los Angeles County, who do not object to Hubbert’s release – but do object to the location of his release.  They seem to be saying, “not in my backyard.”  Already, however, Hubbert has served an additional 17 years in Coalinga State Hospital, where he has been committed since 1996 pursuant to a then new law that forced violent sex offenders into mental institutions.