Former Contra Costa Deputy Sheriff Faces Federal Corruption Charges (CA Penal Code 93 and 68(a))

Jane Doe (name withheld for privacy) makes no secret now of what she used to do, run a brothel in Pleasant Hill.  So what makes her such an important person today?  She’s a key witness for the prosecution against “Dirty DUI” cop (name withheld for privacy) formerly a Contra Costa deputy sheriff.  Her boss, private investigator (name withheld for privacy), is the star witness in the case, testifying in court that he hired the former deputy to arrest innocent persons on DUI charges.  He claims that he exchanged cocaine and guns for the arrests. Jane Doe has corroborated this information, admitting that she was the one who procured the drugs for him.  In addition, it seems that the Contra Costa County drug task force commander, (name withheld for privacy) made a prostitution arrest of his disappear so that she could open a “massage parlor.”  What Jane Doe and accused imply, if not downright prove, is that the former deputy and fellow officer worked together to keep the commander’s interests safe and free from the prying eyes of incorruptible law enforcement agencies.

What this has all amounted to is a page in the continuing saga of the former deputy’s federal corruption trial.  He has also testified that he went further than asking for some fake DUI arrests; he also admits to having committed arson, theft, and planting drugs in a man’s suitcase at the airport. The defense, and wisely so, has made the argument that he himself (and Jane Doe to boot) is a corrupt individual who will say and do anything to get a deal from federal prosecutors.  He’s facing 8 years in prison already, even though his reality television show (“P.I. Moms”) is already in production.

The former deputy claims that he did receive tips from the commander, but says that he did not accept any bribes (drugs, guns, or otherwise).   Still, if he is found guilty of federal corruption, he will be looking at a minimum of 2-4 years in prison.  Even if the former deputy didn’t accept the bribe, he could be fined up to $10,000 in addition to his prison sentence (CA Penal Code 93; CA Penal Code 68(a)).


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