Animal Cruelty

City of Hayward Pays Civil Settlement: Man Dead After Being Bitten by Police Dog (CA Civil Code §3342)

Even though they were searching for men that didn’t match his description – and robbery suspects at that – local law enforcement officers Loring and Cox found 89-year-old Jesse Porter instead.  On May 29, 2011, Porter was in his own yard, behind an 8-foot tall wall, when “Nicky”, Officer Cox’s well-trained police dog was commanded to leap over the barrier.  A shocked Mr. Porter was then “brutally and relentlessly mauled” by Nicky; his left leg suffered the most damage, as the dog dragged him for a ways before releasing his grasp.  After the incident, Porter’s leg worsened; in fact, he...

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Poisoned Meatballs Give San Francisco Pet Owners Cause to Worry (CA Penal Code §596)

It sounds like the beginning of a bad B-horror movie or a cruel prank.  Poisoned meatballs have evidently been left in various public areas in Diamond Heights and Twin Peaks – ostensibly with the purpose of causing serious harm to local pups and other pets.  One dog even had a close brush with death after having ingested one of these meatballs on its morning walk. No one yet knows what kind of poison will be found in the cooked meatballs – some of which were found near Crestline Drive and others at Burnett Avenue – or why someone seems to be...

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