Identity Theft


Hercules police found two large suitcases of stolen mail in a man’s truck and more stacks of it in his home after 2 men bought cigarettes with counterfeited $20 bills.  Brandon Thomas-Harris (25) of Hercules and Justin Coulon (27) of Martinez were arrested this past Tuesday in the vicinity of “Cigarettes Cheaper” after trying to pay with fake bills.  When law enforcement officers towed the vehicle pursuant to their arrest, they found 2 large suitcases of stolen mail in it.  The mail found was from over 25 distinct Hercules addresses and 19 different Bay area counties, including but not limited...

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Identity Theft Attorney Can Seek Reduction of Charges in San Mateo Burglary Wobbler

Marlo Lascamana, Roemo Natan, and Joel Lugtu have been charged recently in connection to an alleged credit card and identity theft scam involving a U.S. Postal Service worker.  Lascamana and his friends took advantage of their access to residents’ mail to use their credit cards to purchase items of their own, thus stealing their identities in the process.  While Lascamana has pled no contest to felony charges, he could face up to three years in the San Mateo county jail.  Natan has been charged with commercial burglary, credit card fraud, and identity theft, which could mean he’ll spend more than...

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