Antioch Minor Charged with Rape of Delivery Driver (CA Penal Code 261)

There are many ways in which law enforcement officials investigate crimes and catch those who they believe to have committed them.  However, sometimes criminals make it easy, too easy on the police.  Such was the recent case of a 17-year-old boy in Contra Costa County who was wearing a GEP ankle bracelet when he allegedly kidnapped, robbed, and sexually assaulted a 22-year-old Antioch Domino’s pizza delivery woman.

The juvenile stands accused of having stopped the woman while she was attempting to deliver a pizza to a home on Bluebell Circle just before noon on a Sunday.  Allegedly, he threated the woman with a gun, forced her to get into her car and drive with him to another, more secluded spot.  There, the woman says, he raped and sodomized her in addition to digitally penetrating her and forcing her to participate in acts such as oral copulation.  He has been charged with felony counts of all the aforementioned crimes.

The supposed acts of this young man fall into several different categories of California law.  The kidnapping charge (CA Penal Code 207-209.5) always considered a felony, could mean up to 8 years in state prison; the robbery charge may come with a 5-9 year sentence in prison (CA Penal Code 211); being charged with rape (CA Penal Code 261) could end with up to 8 years in state prison; finally, the felony sexual assault charge (CA Penal Code 243.4) could mean that a convicted person would spend up to 4 years in state prison and a $10,000 fine.  It is true that the boy is still technically a juvenile and the penalties listed here are for adults.  This will factor heavily into the case as will the fact that  he was already on probation, as evidenced by the GPS anklet he was wearing, which the victim noticed and police were able to locate easily.