Attorney Steve Davidson

Attorney Steve Davidson

Steve Davidson graduated from Penn State University where he received a BA and received his law degree from Golden Gate University where he was awarded a Merit Scholarship. He is a member of the Alameda and Santa Clara County Bar Associations.

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Attorney Steve Davidson has worked for over fifteen years as a criminal defense attorney in California. During that time, Steve has helped hundreds of clients who were facing everything from petty theft to murder.

Whatever the charge, a common thread emerged—the more time spent communicating with the client, the better the outcome of their case.

I see it all the time...we get the best results for clients because we take the time to fully understand not only the case, but the person. The ability to empathize makes us better advocates. -Steve Davidson Creative Strategies: Alternatives to Jail


Client’s often tell us that they feel comfortable discussing their case with Steve and appreciate his insight and creative strategies. Mr. Davidson’s extensive knowledge of Bay Area courts and programs has resulted in jail alternative programs for Summit Defense clients who had previously felt hopeless about their situation.

For example, Steve recently represented a client facing charges for assault and battery as well as shoplifting. The client faced possible jail time as well as immigration consequences if convicted. Steve was able to get the assault and battery charges dismissed; and although the client had confessed to shoplifting, Steve arranged a deferred prosecution which required that the case be dropped completely after the client stayed out of trouble for one year.

Early Intervention Secures Dismissal

In another much more serious case, Mr. Davidson’s early intervention resulted in the dismissal of a San Francisco felony assault case. Mr. Davidson’s proactive approach secured the client’s release after bail had previously been set at $160,000. Had the case gone forward, our client’s exposure would have been over ten years in state prison. Instead, the client went home and the case was dropped.

Outcomes this favorable are not always possible, but Steve is knowledgeable about programs and options that others miss.