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Summit Defense is Northern California's largest Criminal Defense Law Firm that only represents individuals charged with or accused of a crime. The Summit Defense legal team includes three former prosecutors, a former Police Officer, a Board Certified Appellate Specialist and attorneys who graduated from the country's top law schools including Harvard.


Summit Defense offers a free initial consultation and their staff is available 24/7 to answer legal questions. Summit Defense is proud to be an A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau and a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Their accomplishments in the courtroom are well known in the legal community and include a recent a double murder trial win.

Summit Defense Attorneys


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James Reilly, Attorney at Law

James Reilly

Attorney at Law



James Reilly's accomplishments in the courtroom are well known in the Northern California legal community. A former supervising prosecutor and current defense attorney with over 20 years of criminal law experience under his belt, Jim is one of those rare individuals who is a success at everything he does.  As a former supervising DA, James Reilly knows when prosecutors are bluffing and always pushes for a better outcome—including winning at trial.


Recently honored by Newsweek Magazine as one of the Top 8 Criminal Defense Attorneys Nationwide.


  • Criminal Defense attorney with a winning track record who has successfully handled over 100 jury trials and 40 District Court Appeals.
  • Supervising District Attorney
  • Cum Laude honors graduate and President of Student Body at Pepperdine Law School
  • UC Hastings Law School Instructor
  • Honors graduate of the US Military Academy, West Point
  • Award winning Lieutenant in the United States Navy, Served in Vietnam


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Alison Adams, Attorney at Law

Alison Minet Adams

Attorney at Law, Of Counsel



Board Certified Appellate Specialist


Widely recognized and admired in the legal community for over 30 years for her success in criminal appeals law and post conviction in California and Federal Courts, Alison Minet Adams has won cases at all levels including in both the California Supreme Court and the US Supreme Court.


Clients who retain Summit Defense benefit by hiring a team of attorneys who have expertise at every stage of a criminal case. The team includes attorneys who focus on pre-file strategies to avoid prosecution, to those who are experts at trial, to Ms. Adams who is Summit Defense's expert when an appeal is required.


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Mario Andrews, Attorney at Law

Mario Andrews

Attorney at Law, Of Counsel



Summit Defense clients will benefit greatly from Mario Andrews' background. Before becoming a defense attorney, Mr. Andrews was a prosecutor and a police officer.  This experience has given him an excellent understanding of how the other side works.


With this advantage on your side, Mario can anticipate how the police will conduct their investigation and can advise you appropriately.  If preparing for trial, Mr. Andrews has the insight to poke holes in a prosecutor's case until it crumbles.  Mr. Andrews recently won a double murder trial.


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Rabin Nabizadeh, Attorney at Law

Rabin Nabizadeh

Attorney at Law



Mr. Rabin Nabizadeh is a staunch, single minded advocate with years of experience and a proven track record in both Federal and State courts. He has successfully helped clients beat the odds in cases ranging from Misdemeanor DUI, Theft and Domestic Violence cases to serious felonies including Grand Theft, Burglary, Sex Crimes and even Murder.


Mr. Nabizadeh began his track record of excellence when he won his law school's moot court competition.  This success extended to his legal career as he has won at trial and has negotiated solutions for his clients allowing them to avoid jail and avoid criminal records. His clients tell us that they appreciate his enthusiasm, upbeat attitude and willingness to try whatever it takes to get the best possible results for his clients.


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Steve Davidson, Attorney at Law

Steve Davidson

Attorney at Law



Steve Davidson's approach to criminal defense is proactive.  He has built his reputation in the past 10 years of Bay Area practice as an attorney who is particularly effective in allowing clients to avoid prosecution.


"Nothing is more frustrating than when a person comes to us facing a serious charge that could have been avoided had they contacted us earlier.  I believe strongly in early intervention and I never let my clients put their heads in the sand and hope for the best.  We don't hope for the best outcome—we take steps together to ensure the best outcome."


It is possible that Mr. Davidson's hands-on style is a product of his Philadelphia upbringing.  When it benefits his client, Steve relishes a legal fight and can never be accused of being a laid back California attorney.  Mr. Davidson's approach has influenced the culture of Summit Defense.  Summit Defense clients consistently get outstanding outcomes whether through trial or negotiation.


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Richard Weese, Attorney at Law

Richard Weese

Attorney at Law



Richard Weese joined the Summit Defense legal team after working for ten years at one of the largest criminal defense firms in the country. He is known by his colleagues and clients as being a master negotiator.  Mr. Weese goes to great lengths to learn every detail about his client's background and case.  Then he uses his negotiating skills to consistently achieve outstanding results. Satisfied clients have had their charges dismissed or reduced to probation allowing them to avoid jail sentences in cases that even included serious felonies.


Mr. Weese has a firm desire to protect the reputation and freedom of each and every client and will use his skills in research, negotiating, advocating and litigating to achieve the best outcome for every client.


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Ryan McHugh, Attorney at Law

Ryan McHugh

Attorney at Law




Summit Defense clients benefit greatly from Ryan McHugh's deep understanding of how prosecutors work. Ryan's unique past experience working on the other side - as a prosecuting attorney - means that he knows exactly what to do to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients. Whether through negotiation or trial, Ryan's goal is dismissal of all charges. He know how prosecutors evaluate cases and uses his knowledge of the subtle politics in the district attorney's office to benefit his clients. Ryan is a San Francisco native, who's father also practices law.  Well known and connected in the San Francisco Bay Area legal world, Ryan holds a reputation for passionately and aggressively fighting for every client, and he strives to meet those expectations with every case he takes.

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Collin Moore, Attorney at Law

Collin Moore

Attorney at Law




Collin Moore is well known for his systematic approach in analyzing each client's individual situation, developing a strategy to solve the client's needs and then fighting for his client to obtain the best possible result.  His goal in all cases is either dismissal or a win at trial.
Mr. Moore attended law school at the prestigious University of San Francisco School of Law (USF) where he excelled academically and was the recipient of several awards.

After law school and prior to joining Summit Defense Attorneys, Mr. Moore worked for another Bay Area law firm where he honed his skills representing clients in both State and Federal Court. Mr. Moore negotiated many successful resolutions of his clients' legal problems and put his advocacy skills to good use developing and implementing winning trial strategies.

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Scott Mossman, Attorney at Law

Scott Mossman

Attorney at Law, Of Counsel



Practicing criminal defense in the Bay Area requires special consideration for non-US citizens.  The criminal court system is challenging enough, but immigrants may face additional problems that other defense attorneys do not consider.


That is why if you are not a US citizen, your Summit Defense legal team will include our immigration attorney Scott Mossman, who has extensive experience counseling non-citizens facing criminal charges.


Noncitizen clients may ask questions such as:


  • Is my employment visa status at risk?
  • Will I be able to become a naturalized citizen with a criminal conviction?
  • Is there any chance of deportation?


Mr. Mossman regularly answers these and other questions for Summit Defense clients allowing them to make educated decisions regarding their defense strategies.


Scott received his Law Degree from the University of California, Davis, where he graduated in the top 5% of his class. He received his undergraduate degree, magna cum laude, from California State University, Sacramento. Scott is an active member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and is on the Board of Directors for the U.C. Davis Immigration Law Clinic Alumni Council.


Scott gives back to the community by volunteering at various organizations such as Centro Legal de la Raza, the Asylum Program of the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights, and the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC).




Margaret Buckley, Senior Paralegal

Margaret Buckley

Senior Paralegal



As the firm's Senior Paralegal, Ms. Buckley oversees the calendaring of court hearings, coordinates with law enforcement, courts and district attorneys, and assists the firm's attorneys with legal research and defense preparation. She is dedicated to the firm's clients and her infectious enthusiasm makes her a valued member of the firm's legal staff.

When I started working in this field, I was a single mom looking for a good job.  I personally knew people who had been arrested and treated unfairly by the justice system, so I wanted to find a job where I could help others.  Looking back over the past 22 years of this amazing career in criminal defense, I received much more than I could have ever imagined!

My career as a paralegal and legal assistant has afforded me numerous opportunities and the privilege to assist clients in all walks of life.

Since working at Summit Defense, with the support of every member, I went back to school and obtained my Paralegal Certificate with honors. I continue to appreciate the blessings and rewards of being a part of  a zealous legal team defending the rights of each client.


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