Margaret_Buckley, Attorney at Law

Margaret Buckley
Senior Paralegal



As the firm's Senior Paralegal, Ms. Buckley oversees the calendaring of court hearings, coordinates with law enforcement, courts and district attorneys, and assists the firm's attorneys with legal research and defense preparation. She is dedicated to the firm's clients and her infectious enthusiasm makes her a valued member of the firm's legal staff.

When I started working in this field, I was a single mom looking for a good job.  I personally knew people who had been arrested and treated unfairly by the justice system, so I wanted to find a job where I could help others.  Looking back over the past 22 years of this amazing career in criminal defense, I received much more than I could have ever imagined!

My career as a paralegal and legal assistant has afforded me numerous opportunities and the privilege to assist clients in all walks of life.

Since working at Summit Defense, with the support of every member, I went back to school and obtained my Paralegal Certificate with honors. I continue to appreciate the blessings and rewards of being a part of  a zealous legal team defending the rights of each client.

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