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San Rafael Criminal Attorney: Frequently Asked Questions


I've been arrested in San Rafael. Where will my court be?

If you are charged with committing an offense in San Rafael, your case will be dealt with at the criminal court for Marin County. The Hall of Justice houses the Marin County Superior Court, at 3501 Civic Center Drive, San Rafael. All criminal and traffic matters are dealt with at this courthouse.


Your attorney will inform you exactly which courtroom or department your case will be heard in, and whether you need to attend court at all. You can also contact the Criminal clerk’s office on (415) 444-7070 for more information. Finally, a list is posted at the court every day, detailing which courtroom and before which judge each case is.

Do I have to attend court, or can my attorney go for me?

One of the main advantages of retaining an attorney is that they can often save you the hassle of going to court. Your attorney can attend court for you in all misdemeanor cases, except if you have been charged with a domestic violence offense.


If you have been accused of a domestic violence offense, or a felony, or if the judge orders you to appear, then you must attend court – even if you have hired an attorney.

Can I look up the San Rafael/Marin County court calendar online?

Yes, you can. You can search for matters in the court’s calendar by name, by date, or by case number. The online court calendar can be accessed on the Marin County Superior Court’s website.


You could also call the Criminal Division of the court on (415) 444-7070, between 8am and 3pm, for calendar information. If an attorney from Summit Defense is representing you, however, we will keep you fully informed of your upcoming court date, and let you know if you need to attend.

Where is the jail for San Rafael/Marin County?

People who are arrested in the San Rafael area are booked into the Marin County Jail. The Jail is located at the Civic Center, at 13 Peter Behr Drive in San Rafael. This is the single jail for Marin County, and this is where all inmates – male and female -are booked, processed, and held.


The Marin County Jail is run by the Marin County Sheriff’s Department. To find out if someone is in custody, or if they were booked within the last 48 hours, you can search the Marin County Public Booking Log. You can also call the Jail on (415) 473-6655 and request inmate information.

How do I visit someone in jail in San Rafael/Marin County?

To visit an inmate in the Marin County Jail, the inmate needs to book your visit 24 hours in advance. The inmate is responsible for letting you know the date and time of your scheduled visit. You are not allowed to attend the jail for a visit without it being booked in advance by the inmate.


Inmates are allowed one visit per day, and if the inmate is in POD or lockdown they are only allowed visits after 5.45pm each day. The visiting schedule is available at the Sheriff’s Department website.


Once the inmate tells you that they have booked your visit, you need to make sure that you arrive at the jail at least fifteen minutes before your scheduled visit time. This is to allow time for you to go through identification and security procedures. As with all jails, there are strict rules about what you can wear to a visit, and what items you can take into the visiting area. You can read the full list of rules on the Sheriff’s Department website. Be aware that a violation of the rules may prevent you from visiting the inmate at all.

How do I help my friend or relative bail out in Marin County?

Your friend or relative’s bail will be set when they are booked, or after they have appeared in front of a judge in court. If they are released on their own recognizance, that means that no bail needs to be paid and they are free to leave custody. However, if bail is set, the amount will need to be posted before they can be released.


For clients of Summit Defense Attorneys who do not have access to the cash required to post bail, we can recommend a bail bond company that assists our clients by offering them a discount. Alternatively, a property bond may be able to be posted in some cases – if you wish to post a property bond, you should speak to your attorney to see if it’s possible in the particular case.


To post bail for someone being held in Marin County, you need to attend the Marin County Jail. The Jail accepts bail payments 24 hours a day. You can pay bail in either cash, a post or bank money order, or a bail bond.

Can I look up my San Rafael or Marin County criminal record online?

No, - official criminal records are not available online. You can, however, view criminal records at the courthouse. If you want to look at your criminal record, you need to make a request. First, you need to know the case number. If you don’t know the case number, you can look it up on the Court’s Public Index.


Once you know the case number, you need to request the file a day in advance, by 12.30pm. It is best to call the Court on (415) 444-7070 and request the Record’s Management Office to make a request, or you can email your request to criminal@marincourt.org (but note that email is only checked once a day).


After a file is requested, a staff member will call you back to confirm it is available. Once you have confirmed that the file is available, attend the Court’s Record Management Office in Room 113 to view the file. If you wish to make copies of the file, the cost is 50c per page. Copies may not be able to be made while you wait, instead, a staff member will make the copies for you and call you to collect them once they are done.


If you need a full and official copy of your criminal record, such as that required for expungement proceedings, you need to apply through the California Department of Justice. This requires fingerprinting at an accredited livescan facility, submission of a form, and the appropriate fee.



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