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RICHMOND, CA Criminal Attorney: Frequently Asked Questions


I've been arrested in Richmond. Where will my court be?

If you are charged with committing an offense in Richmond, your case will be heard in the George D. Caroll Courthouse, located at 100 37th Street, Richmond, with the entrance off Bissell Avenue.


Your Summit Defense attorney will inform you exactly which courtroom or department your case will be heard in, and whether you need to attend court at all. You could also contact the Court at (925) 646-4099 for more information.
Finally, on the day that your case is in court, you can check the list that is posted at the courthouse each morning to find out which department your case is in, and which judge it is in front of.

Do I have to attend court, or can my attorney go for me?

One main advantages of having an attorney representing you in your criminal case is that they can often go to court for you. In all misdemeanor matters, except domestic violence cases, you do not have to go to court if your attorney attends on your behalf. If you have been charged with a felony, however, or if the judge otherwise orders your

appearance, then you have to go to court.

Can I look up the Richmond court calendar online?

No, unfortunately, Contra Costa county does not currently provide criminal case information online. You can call the courthouse at (925) 646-4099, and ask to speak to someone in the Criminal Clerk’s office for calendar information related to your matter. Of course, if you hire Summit Defense to represent you, we will provide you with all the information you need about when and where your case is being heard, and whether you need to attend court.

Where is the jail for Richmond?

There are several jails in Contra Costa County. Most people arrested in the Richmond area will be booked and processed at the Martinez Detention Facility, located at 1000 Ward Street, Martinez, or the West County Detention Facility, located at 5555 Giant Highway, Richmond.


The Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Department runs both of these jails. To find out where an inmate is being held, call the Sheriff’s Custody Services Bureau on (925) 646-4496. The phone line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do I visit someone in jail Richmond?

At each of the jails in Contra Costa County, there are a list of scheduled visiting times on the Sheriff’s website. At the Martinez Jail, visits are allowed at different times on every day of the week. At the West County Jail, no visits are allowed on Wednesday or Thursdays. To find out the visiting hours schedule at the West County Jail, you need to contact the Sheriff’s Department on (510) 262-4200.


When you plan to make a visit to an inmate, you need to be aware of which visiting time block you want to visit them in. Then, ensure that you arrive at the jail no later than half an hour before that time block ends. This is because you need to go through a registration process, as well as a security check. If you do not allow enough time for those procedures, the visiting time may finish and you will not be able to see your friend or relative.


Like all jails, there are strict rules that must be followed by all visitors. If you do not follow the rules, or the instructions of the jail staff, at all times, then your visit can be cancelled.

How do I help my friend or relative bail out in Richmond?

After someone is arrested, their bail will be set when they are booked, or after they have appeared in court before a judge.


If the person has been charged with a misdemeanor, you can pay cash bail online through the Sheriff’s website. Otherwise, to post bail for someone at either the Martinez Jail or the West County Jail, you need to attend the jail. The jails are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have any questions about posting bail you should speak to your attorney, or you could call the jail directly on (925) 335-4600 (Martinez Jail) or 510-620-8680 (West County/Richmond Jail).


If you don’t have access to the cash required to post bail for someone, Summit Defense Attorneys can recommend a bail bonds company who we work with and that offers a discount to our clients. Further, in some cases you may be able to post a property bond if you own a house or other valuable property. If you’d like to know if you can post a property bond in your case, please speak to your attorney for more information.

Can I look up my Richmond criminal record online?

No, criminal case information is not held online for Richmond, or Contra Costa County courts. The Criminal Division of the Court, however, does maintain an index of all matters filed and decided in the court. You cannot ask staff to look those up over the telephone, so you need to either make a request for a criminal file in writing or in person.


To make a request in person, go to the Criminal Clerk’s office at the courthouse between 8am and 1pm. Make sure that you take identification and be prepared to pay a fee if you want copies made.


To make a request in writing, send your request to the Court at 100 37th Street, Richmond, CA 94805. Make sure you include in your written request:


  • A check made out to the Clerk of the Court. (On the payment line write "not to exceed $25.00" or the amount the clerk tells you once he or she knows how many copies you want.) If you are asking for a certified copy of the document, you will need to pay an extra $15.00 fee plus $0.50 per copy per page.
  • A stamped, self-addressed envelope that the clerk can use to send the copies to you.
  • The defendant’s full name, and date of birth.
  • The name of all of the documents that you want copied.


If you need a full and complete copy of your criminal record, such as for expungement proceedings, you will need to apply through the California Department of Justice for an official copy. This requires fingerprinting at an accredited livescan facility, plus submission of a form and the appropriate fee.

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